Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Sunni school or better known as ahlul-sunnah-wal-jamaah, meaning we follow the beliefs and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In our school, we teach Islamic Studies, where children learn the mannerisms and habits of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by means of Quranic verses and Hadith (the reported speech or traditions of the Prophet).

4 to 13 (Over the past few years, the maximum age has been 13). Our classes are separated by ability rather than age – however, if we feel that we have an application for an older child in a class that consists of much younger children, our advice is private home tuition as we don’t believe the pace benefits the older child. Every situation is different and every year we have a slightly different age range, so it’s always worth asking.

Due to insurance purposes, we do not enrol children below 4yrs of age.

A4K operates a strict “3 strike and out” policy:

On the first account, the child is given a verbal warning.

On the second account, the child is given a written warning and the parent is informed.

On the third account, the child is given a final written warning and the parent is called for a meeting.

The child will be suspended/expelled if the behaviour continues.

We have never had to resort beyond point 2 in the last few years.

Each year we have a total of 18 places which are filled via an entrance test. This does mean that the school is oversubscribed each year and we apologise to those we are unable to accommodate. To help parents find alternative schools, we have set our entrance test date as early as possible so that those who do not gain a space in our school still have time to apply elsewhere.

Subject to spaces being available, we accept mid-year applicants. If you’re interested in enrolling your children, please feel free to drop in between 10-11am on any Saturday (subject to our term calendar) so that their level may be assessed.

Please note that at present, we are unable to accept any more students at the beginner’s level.

Before coming, please note the following:

There are minimum levels required for enrolment (which can be seen here) and places cannot be offered if these are not met.

On arrival, please be aware that you may need to wait for your children to be assessed. Assessments are carried out by teachers who may be busy taking classes at the time.

The school’s address can be seen here.

School fees for the 2019-2020 academic year are as follows:

There is a one off £25.00 joining fee per child.

Books/Materials cost £20.00 per child.

Lessons are charged at £14.00 per Saturday per child for Levels B to Level 6 and £17.00 per Saturday per child for our Prep Level (the fees for Prep class is slightly higher due to the increased management and insurance required).

Payments are taken on a monthly basis, in advance, by standing order.