School Admissions

Everything you need to know about applying for a school place at A4K can be found on either the “Prep” tab, “Beginners” tab or on the “Intermediate/Advanced” tab.


Prep: Child aged 4.5 who is a complete beginner.

Beginner: Child aged 4.9+ who can recognise at least 22/28 Arabic letters in full form.

Intermediate: Child who is able to recognise all the alphabet, is able to join letters fluently and can recite a number of suras.

Advanced: Capable of reading the Koran fluently and able to recite most of Juz 30 suras.


No priority is given to siblings or distance to school etc. Entry to Beginners level is based on test result only.

All admission forms and correspondence is handled electronically to avoid any mis-communication or lost applications in the post.