About Us

My name is Hassan Shuman and I am the founder of Arabic 4 Kids (A4K). I initially embarked upon this exciting initiative in order to educate my own children. Like all parents, I wanted my children to gain a love of Islam, but I also wanted them to be in a school where they were consistently challenged, inspired and above all had some fun!! Hence, I set up Arabic 4 Kids.

Today, Arabic 4 Kids (A4K) runs a modern, professional weekly Islamic Saturday School which provides an exceptional standard of education via a comprehensive curriculum and teaching methods for children between the ages of 4 to 13. Although a relatively new school, (established in January 2009), A4K has quickly acquired an enviable reputation and now has over 125 children on roll.

Mission Statement:

Our primary aim at A4K is to provide each child with a core Islamic foundation in a relaxed, stimulating and fun environment.

We believe that the foundations we lay today will help our students take their place in society tomorrow, as Muslim professionals, who will not only serve as role models for generations of Muslims to come, but also as intelligent and thoughtful citizens who will serve as ambassadors between Islam and the West.

Hassan Shuman
Hassan Shuman