Admissions - Beginners

Admissions – Beginners’ Entry for September 2019

Please note that the following details are for admission to the main school at Beginners level which is by way of an entry assessment. For Prep class information please refer to Prep page.

The main entry criteria for the Beginners class is:

  1. Age of child – must be at least 4 years and 9 months by September.
  2. Alphabet recognition – must be able to read/recognise at least 22 of the 28 arabic letter.
  3. Recitation – must be able to recite Sura Al Fatiha fluently.

Please take some time to read the following notes carefully to avoid any disappointment.

  1. To enrol your child for the assessment, please download, complete and submit a registration application form (available in both MS Word and PDF format) via email.
  1. Please come in on any school day for an assessment (term calendar).
  2. You will be allowed to accompany your child into the assessment. Any intervention from the parent during the assessment is not acceptable.
  3. As the assessment is a live – you will immediately know their score. There is no sibling/distance criteria that will give your child priority entry. Entry is simply based on assessment result.

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Child must be able to recognise, at MINIMUM, 22 of the 28 arabic letters as indicated below:
Admissions Process for Beginners
  1. Child must be able to recite Surat Al Fatiha unprompted.