Coronavirus Update (April 2020)

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Dear Parents,

I pray that this message finds you and your families safe and well during these worrying and difficult times. Even though the school is shut, we are only a phone call away should anyone need help or just want to have a chat.

We were hoping to be able to confirm a re-opening date by now, however, the Government have still not confirmed a date by when schools can re-open. Therefore, we have no choice but to remain closed until further notice.

There have been some enquiries regarding payments. Given the uncertain situation, please can you contact your banks and stop any future standing orders to Arabic 4 Kids for this academic year. We plan to review all payments on 6 June and will be in touch to agree transfer of overpayments or, in some cases, underpayments. Please rest assured that Arabic 4 Kids will only charge for the 24 weeks that were taught plus book costs.

Due to our staffing situation, we will not be in a position to start making refunds for payments received after 6 June and any such monies will be donated to the school’s Qu’ran Fund, unless you have agreed alternative arrangements upfront.

We will stay close to the situation and hope we can reopen before the summer holidays. Meanwhile, from all the staff at Arabic4Kids, we wish you Ramadan Mubarak and ask that you stay up to date with emails and messages as we determine the next steps in the coming weeks.

In Sha Allah I look forward to seeing you all very soon.