Level B: 14 March, 2020

Beginners homework can be viewed below.

Term 2 exams (originally schduled for 21-28 March) have been postponed. The school will now be closed from 21 March, through to 18 April. Please refer to Coronavirus Update – School Opening Times for further information.

Please note that homework, below, covers three week’s worth of assignments.

All children must bring all their book, white board, homework folders and their pencil case each week. Please ensure the pencils are sharpened and ready to use.

Click here to download the Sura

Please ensure that you continue to practise the completed suras as we will not be revisiting them.

Sura: Status:
Al-Fatiha Recapped
Al-Falaq Completed – December 2019.
Al-Ikhlaas Completed – September 2019.
An-Naas Completed – February 2020.
An Nasr Completed – March 2020.
Kawthar -
Masad -

Arabic From The Beginning

Page(s): No homework.

Easy Quran Reading (Green Book)

Page(s):  43-44

Exercise: All lines.

Islamic Studies
We Are Muslims

Pages(s): No homework.


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